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Off the road – video

off the road on the Isle of Ameland, a compilation of relaxing paintings

New premises Sol Art Gallery

Official opening of new premises Sol Art Gallery in D’Olier Street Dublin.

LF2018 Fryslân Finest

Leeuwarden | Fryslân Cultural Capital of Europe 2018. ZoFier Art Gallery asked 11 Frisian artists to paint the most beautiful and specials of County Fryslân, through their own eyes but also on request and through the eyes of residents or enthusiasts of County Fryslân.

Frisian landscape in Allingawier

Allingawier looks like time stood still over there for a long time. Folks living here are working on Allingawier to shine as an authentic, attractive, welcoming fresh Frisian village, as the city of Leeuwarden as well as Fryslân is Cultural Capital of Europe 2018.


Theme of Reinder’s new pieces could be ‘Solitude’ as Paul Tillich said: “Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.

The Garden in Mespil Hotel

Recently my painting ‘The Garden’ is purchased by the Mespil Hotel in Dublin. ‘The Garden’ is contributing now to the atmosphere inside this four star rated hotel overlooking the banks of the Grand Canal in quiet Georgian Dublin.

Three Views Of Landscape in Sol Art Gallery Dublin

Looking from high above, deep inside and through a metaphorical lens each artist achieves a new way of viewing and in doing so creates a unique contemporary approach to a much explored genre.

Sol Art Gallery AAF 2016

Sol Art Gallery shows paintings by Reinder Ourensma at AAF 2016 in Battersea London

Affordable Art Fair Bristol / UK 2015

Sol Art Gallery shows some of Reinder’s latest pieces at AAF Bristol and Stockholm 2015

Into a Wicklow View

‘Into a Wicklow View’ – five small mysterious pieces by Reinder Ourensma now at De Beeldenstorm art gallery


6 New landscapes by Reinder Ourensma all Irish again. And all in common the sea at the background. The spots are located as well in the North (Co. Mayo) as in the South (Co. Cork) of Ireland.

‘Downpatrick Head’ at AAF | London

Sol Art Gallery presents ‘Downpatrick Head’ by Reinder Ourensma in London

Sol Art Gallery – Dublin

Reinder Ourensma added to list of permanent artists at Sol Art Gallery – Dawson Street – Dublin

‘Summer Six’ in Sol Art Gallery

Irish landscapes by Reinder Ourensma presented in Dublin by Sol Art Gallery

Dublin Biennial 2012

Images of the inaugural Dublin Biennial Pop-Up 2012

Dutch artist, Irish landscapes

On behalf of the Dublin Biennial Committee the Irish landscapes of Reinder Ourensma are selected for exhibition at IRELAND’S INAUGURAL DUBLIN BIENNIAL

Mist ÷ Mysterious ÷ Mysticism 2012

Mist÷Mysterious÷Mysticism 2012 Exhibition in ZoFier Art Gallery

Reinder Ourensma in K-rute

On Januari 4th 2010 Frysian Broadcast – Omrop Fryslân – was working on an item about Reinder’s success in Florence

First prize painting in Florence 2009

Reinder Ourensma received the Lorenzo Il Magnifico Gold Award for his 1st prize winning Paintings in Florence – Italy.