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Frisian landscape in Allingawier


In 1977 Mr. Yde Schakel founded ‘Aldfaers Erf’ as a historic area of interest. So that’s today already 40 years ago.
Something happens in the small village of Allingawier,  as centre of the ‘Aldfaers Erf’ area and route.

The folks in Allingawier are busy developing new impulses to their picturesque village that looks like time stood still for a long time.
In 2018, the city of Leeuwarden (and Friesland) celebrate European Capital of Culture.
So Allingawier wants to shine as an authentic, attractive, welcoming fresh Frisian village.


They planned special exhibitions in the small and old church in the outskirts of the village.
This will be organized in cooperation with the renowned ZoFier art gallery in Workum.
On Saturday April 15th the village of Allingawier will be open and shining again to the public.
At the same time the first exhibition starts in a series on the theme ‘Frisian landscape’.
On show: paintings by the Frisian artists Klaas Werumeus Buning – Hendrik Elings – Reinder Ourensma – Jentsje Popma – Gerrit Wijngaarden.


Friesland – 6 paintings by Reinder Ourensma