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LF2018 Fryslân Finest

Leeuwarden | Fryslân Cultural Capital of Europe 2018

To celebrate this event ZoFier Art Gallery in Workum organized a special exhibition program.
Two exhibitions show  ‘Fryslân Finest’. Therefore 11 Frisian artists will paint the most beautiful or special of County Fryslân.
Not only through their own eyes but also on request by residents and enthusiasts of the beautiful County Fryslân.

With the input from the ‘community’, Frisian artists Pieter Pander, Klaas Werumeus Buning, Martin de Jong, Reinder Ourensma, Koos van Keulen, Gerrit Wijngaarden, Margreet Boonstra, René Tweehuysen, Irene Veltman, Irma Kamp and Hendrik Elings get to work out.

ZoFier Art Gallery also made video portraits of these 11 participating artists.
Episode 1 – Reinder Ourensma