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Mist ÷ Mysterious ÷ Mysticism 2012

Mist – Mysterious – Mysticism

In 2011 Reinder Ourensma works on a new series of paintings. Now on show Art Gallery ZoFier in Nieuweschoot.

To find inspiration for the theme of this exhibition ‘Mist – Mysterious – Mysticism’ he went to Ameland … a Dutch Wadden Isle.
Reinder looks quite a while for locations close to home, searching for that same special feeling that always appears when he arrives in Ireland.
“Everyday worries disappear when views outside dominate. Outside, in nature you come so easily close to yourself, getting there besides the outdoor views fresh insights for free.”
An invitation to Ameland and a walk at the Eastern part was the springboard for eight brand new landscape paintings.





This exhibition are on show: John Abeling ~ Peter Durieux ~ Reinder Ourensma ~ Marieloes Reek ~ Mattie van der Veen ~ Gerrit Wijngaarden and sculptures by Karel Zijlstra.